Genesis – BBC Broadcasts – 3LP

Genesis – BBC Broadcasts – 3LP

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0602435686370 – New and Sealed (M/M) – 3 LP (EU) – Trifold sleeve

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0602435686370 – New and Sealed (M/M) – 3 LP (EU) – Trifold sleeve

Side A:
Paris (1972)

A1. The Musical Box
Sound Of The 70’s (1971)
A2. Stagnation
Sound Of The 70’s (1972)
A3. Harlequin
A4. Harold The Barrel
Top Gear (1972)

Side B:
B1. Get’ Em Out By Friday
Wembley Arena (1975)
B2. Watcher Of The Skies
Lyceum (1980)
B3. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
B4. The Carpet Crawlers

Side C:
C1. Behind The Lines
C2. Duchess
C3. Guide Vocal
C4. Duke‘s Travels
C5. Duke’s End

Side D:
D1. Say It’s Alright Joe
D2. The Lady Lies
D3. I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)

Side E:
Wembley (1987)
E1. Mama
E2. That’s All
E3. Home By The Sea
E4. Second Home By The Sea

Side F:
F1. Throwing It All Away
Knebworth (1992)
F2. No Son Of Mine
F3. Driving The Last Spike

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Afmetingen 32 × 32 × 2 cm

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