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Mark Lanegan - One Way Street (Lim.Ed.) - 6LP Box Set
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Mark Lanegan - One Way Street (Lim.Ed.) - 6LP Box Set

Prijs: €99.90

0098787114515 / Sub Pop / SP1145 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 6 LP Box Set (EU) - Limited Edition of 4000 copies worldwide !!

LP 1 : The Winding Sheet (1990)

Side A:

A1. Mockingbirds
A2. Museum
A3. Undertow
A4. Ugly Sunday
A5. Down In The Dark
A6. Wild Flowers
A7. Eyes Of A Child

Side B:
B1. The Winding Sheet
B2. Woe
B3. Ten Feet Tall
B4. Where Did You Sleep Last Night
B5. Juarez
B6. I Love You Little Girl

LP 2 & 3 : Whiskey for the Holy Ghost (1994)

Side A:

A1. The River Rise
A2. Borracho
A3. House A Home
A4. Kingdoms Of Rain

Side B:
B1. Carnival
B2. Riding The Nightingale
B3. El Sol

Side C:
C1. Dead On You
C2. Shooting Gallery
C3. Sunrise

Side D:
D1. Pendulum
D2. Judas Touch
D3. Beggar's Blues

LP 4 : Scraps at Midnight (1998)

Side A:

A1. Hospital Roll Call
A2. Hotel
A3. Stay
A4. Bell Black Ocean
A5. Last One In The World

Side B:
B1. Wheels
B2. Waiting On A Train
B3. Day & Night
B4. Praying Ground
B5. Because Of This

LP 5 : I'll Take Care of You (1999)

Side B:

A1. Carry Home
A2. I'll Take Care Of You
A3. Shiloh Town
A4. Creeping Coastline Of Lights
A5. Badi-Da

Side B:
B1. Consider Me
B2. On Jesus' Program
B3. Little Sadie
B4. Together Again
B5. Shanty Man's Life
B6. Boogie Boogie

LP 6 : Field Songs (2001)

Side A:

A1. One Way Street
A2. No Easy Action
A3. Miracle
A4. Pill Hill Serenade
A5. Don't Forget Me
A6. Kimiko's Dream House

Side B:
B1. Resurrection Song
B2. Field Song
B3. Low
B4. Blues For D
B5. She Done Too Much
B6. Fix