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Mogwai - Come On Die Young - 4LP+DVD Box Set


5024545691610 / CHEM133LP - New & Sealed (M/M) - 4 LP + DVD Box Set (EU)
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5024545691610 / CHEM133LP - New & Sealed (M/M) - 4 LP + DVD Box Set (EU)

Boxset includes a Data-DVD with all files in MP3, M4A (ALAC) and WAV formats and a reproduction of the Glasgow barrowlands 1999 gig poster.

Come On Die Young 2LP:

Side A:

A1. Punk Rock:
A2. Cody
A3. Helps Both Ways
A4. Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia

Side B:
B1. Kappa
B2. Waltz For Aidan
B3. May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door

Side C:
C1. Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up
C2. Ex-Cowboy
C3. Chocky

Side D:
D1. Christmas Steps
D2. Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist

Come On Die Young: Appendix 2LP:

Side E:

E1. Nick Drake
E2. Waltz For Aidan (Chem19 Demo)
E3. Christmas Steps (Chem19 Demo)
E4. Rollerball (Chem19 Demo)
E5. 7-25 (Chem19 Demo)

Side F:
F1. Untitled
F2. Quiet Stereo Dee
F3. Arundel

Side G:
G1. Cody (CaVa Sessions)
G2. Ex-Cowboy (CaVa Sessions)
G3. Spoon Test (CaVa Sessions)
G4. Punk Rock: (CaVa Sessions)

Side H:
H1. Helicon 2 (CaVa Church Live)
H2. Satchel Panzer (CaVa Church Live)
H3. Kappa (CaVa Church Live)
H4. Helps Both Ways (Original Version)
H5. Hugh Dallas