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VidnaObmana - 84-1986 [Testament Of Tape] - 3LP Box Set


2090503330764 / VOD65 / Vinyl-On-Demand ‎- New & Sealed - 3 LP Box Set (EU) - Limited edition of 600 copies with numbered certificate !!
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2090503330764 / VOD65 / Vinyl-On-Demand ‎- New & Sealed - 3 LP Box Set (EU) - Limited edition of 600 copies with numbered certificate !!

LP 1 : 1984-1986 [Testament Of Tape]

Side A:
A1. Dream Into Dream
A2. Sin, Believe And Ancienty
A3. The Feedbacker
A4. Below Anti-Terror

Side B:
B1. Deathstep
B2. Ignore The Beast From Inside
B3. Dark Power Overcomes It All
B4. The Drift
B5. Psb Constructions

LP 2 & 3 : 1984-1986 [Testament Of Tape]

Side C:

C1. Only Fear Will Survive
C2. Blow-Out Entrails
C3. Sudden Demon

Side D:
D1. Bloodhole
D2. Ecstacy
D3. Cry Of Despair

Side E:
E1. Deep End Of Nothing
E2. Atmosphere One: Wall
E3. A Shroud Of Nihilism

Side F:
F1. The Condor Of Doom
F2. Exploring The Outside
F3. Red Blooded Sky