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Lemonheads - It's A Shame About Ray (30th Ann.) - 2LP


0809236162410 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 2 LP (EU) - 30th Anniversary Edition
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0809236162410 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 2 LP (EU) - 30th Anniversary Edition

Side A:
A1. Rockin Stroll
A2. Confetti
A3. It's A Shame About Ray
A4. Rudderless
A5. My Drug Buddy
A6. The Turnpike Down

Side B:
B1. Bit Part
B2. Alison's Starting To Happen
B3. Hannah & Gabi
B4. Kitchen
B5. Ceiling Fan In My Spoon
B6. Frank Mills

Side C: Essential Extras
C1. Mrs Robinson
C2. Shakey Ground
C3. My Drug Buddy (KCRW Session)
C4. Knowing Me, Knowing You
C5. Confetti (Acoustic)
C6. Alison's Starting To Happen (Acoustic)
C7. Divan

Side D: Demo Recordings
D1. It's A Shame About Ray
D2. Rockin Stroll
D3. My Drug Buddy
D4. Hannah & Gabi
D5. Kitchen
D6. Bit Part
D7. Rudderless
D8. Ceiling Fan In My Spoon
D9. Confetti