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dEUS - In A Bar, Under The Sea - 2LP


0602577654350 / Universal / 2019 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 2 LP (EU) - Limited Edition !
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0602577654350 / Universal - New & Sealed (M/M) - 2 LP (EU) - Limited Edition !

Side A:
A1. I Don't Mind Whatever Happens
A2. Fell Of The Floor, Man
A3. Opening Night
A4. Theme From Turnpike

Side B:
B1. Little Arithmetics
B2. Gimme The Heat
B3. Serpentine
B4. A Shocking Lack Thereof

Side C:
C1. Supermarketsong
C2. Memory Of A Festival
C3. Guilty Pleasures
C4. Nine Threads

Side D:
D1. Disappointed In The Sun
D2. For The Roses
D3. Wake Me Up Before I Sleep