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Clean - Anthology - 4LP Box Set

0673855022017 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 4 LP Box Set (EU) - The Clean
EAN : 0673855022017
Verkoopprijs: 59,90 €
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0673855022017 - New & Sealed (M/M) - 4 LP Box Set (EU) - The Clean

Side A:
A1. Tally Ho
A2. Platypus
A3. Billy Two
A4. Thumbs Off
A5. Anything Could Happen
A6. Sad Eyed Lady

Side B:
B1. Point That Thing Somewhere Else
B2. Fish
B3. Flowers
B4. Side On
B5. Slug Song

Side C:
C1. Beatnik
C2. End Of My Dream
C3. On Again/Off Again
C4. At The Bottom
C5. Getting Older
C6. Scrap Music

Side D:
D1. Whatever I Do It's Right
D2. Two Fat Sisters (Live)
D3. Odditty
D4. Quickstep (Live)
D5. At The Bottom (Live)

Side E:
E1. Drawing To A Hole
E2. I Wait Around
E3. The Blue
E4. Someone
E5. Big Soft Punch
E6. Diamond Shine

Side F:
F1. Big Cat
F2. Outside The Cage
F3. Safe In The Rain
F4. Secret Place
F5. Do Your Thing

Side G:
G1. Linger Longer
G2. Too Much Violence
G3. Trapped In Amber
G4. Psychedelic Ranger
G5. Late Last Night
G6. Ludwig

Side H:
H1. Wipe Me, I'm Lucky
H2. Franz Kafka At The Zoo
H3. Clutch
H4. Balkans
H5. Indigo Blue
H6. Chumpy
H7. Twist Top