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Admiral Freebee - A Duet For One - LP+CD


0889854866419 - New & Sealed - LP (BE)
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0889854866419 - New & Sealed - LP (BE)

Side A:
A1. Admiral For President
A2. Oh Darkness
A3. Coming Of The Knight
A4. Man In The Long Black Coat
A5. Getting Ready For Luck

Side B:
B1. Buddy
B2. Get Out Of Town
B3. Ever Present
B4. Breaking Away
B5. Nobody Knows You

01. Admiral For President
02. Oh Darkness
03. Coming Of The Knight
04. Man In The Long Black Coat
05. Getting Ready For Luck
06. Buddy
07. Get Out Of Town
08. Ever Present
09. Breaking Away
10. Nobody Knows You