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24-7 Spyz - Gumbo Millennium - MC


5099746712044 - New & Unplayed (NM/NM) - MC / Cassette (EU)
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5099746712044 - New & Unplayed (NM/NM) - MC / Cassette (EU)

Side A:
A1. John Connelly's Theory
A2. New Super Hero Worship
A3. Deathstyle
A4. Dude U Knew
A5. Culo Posse
A6. Don't Push Me
A7. Spyz On Piano

Side B:
B1. Valdez 27 Million?
B2. Don't Break My Heart
B3. We'll Have Power
B4. Racism
B5. Heaven And Hell
B6. We Got A Date
B7. Some Defender's Memories